Answering a Bioeconomy Research and Innovation call! This is what you should know.

Europe is setting course for a resource-efficient and sustainable economy. The goal is a more innovative and low-emissions economy, reconciling demands for sustainable agriculture and fisheries, food security, and the sustainable use of renewable biological resources for industrial purposes, while ensuring biodiversity and environmental protection.

To achieve this, the European Commission has set a Bioeconomy Strategy and action plan which focuses on three key aspects:

  • Developing new technologies and processes for the bioeconomy;
  • Developing markets and competitiveness in bioeconomy sectors; and,
  • Pushing policymakers and stakeholders to work more closely together.

As a result, when preparing to answer a call to attract funding to develop solutions to remedy those challenges you should look out for the following;

You should ensure that your methodology is sound and credible. Consideration should also be taken into account the adoption of an innovation curve. In the event you are to prepare a broad focused toolbox as part of your solutions, make effort to provide sufficient detail on how it would actually work. Further, where there is involvement of brand owners for validation purposes, adequate description of their involvement ought to be made.

Where the project outputs contribute to; (I) raising brand owner interest by providing a toolbox and success stories; (II) increasing brand owner involvement via online mutual learning platforms; and increasing marketability of bio-based products by an analysis to get recommendations and awareness raising events. You should ensure that the target number of brand owners that express interest or get involved in your activities and the percentage increase in consumer awareness that is expected is adequately quantified. You should also clearly distinguish between communication and dissemination in certain activities.

Lastly, risk management should be adequately addressed and described. Further emphasis should be put towards specifically addressing innovation management (where necessary). You should also fight the temptation of combining innovation with quality management.

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