Roadmap joint or coordinated procurement strategy

A Roadmap developed by project PPI4WASTE.

Taking into account the results of other activities and reports, PPI4Waste partners prepared a roadmap for a joint or coordinated procurement strategy, defined and agreed in collaboration with several experts in the field of waste management and with members of the Purchasing Community.

The purpose of this document is to explore the options procurers have for coordinated procurement as well as joint procurement and, where relevant, map the subsequent steps to be performed for this purpose. Networking and dissemination is focusing mainly on the purchasing community.

The assumption is that if many procurers seek solutions for similar problems, innovative solutions will find their way to the market faster. If these procurers work together, this market uptake is further accelerated, because the provider has an immediate larger market (economy of scale). The further assumed advantage for the procurers is that this economy of scale reduces the risks of procuring innovative solutions for the individual procurer.

This roadmap focuses on how to promote procurement of innovation, not on exploring the potential impact of joint procurement on stimulating innovations. For the innovator, knowing the needs of a larger group can be a stimulus to further research and develop innovative solutions because it is more likely that it will result in faster uptake by the market. To what extent this is “more likely” is considered beyond the scope of the preparation of this roadmap and has not been researched beyond rather general statements of the experts involved.

Download the Roadmap here!

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