Strategy #3 for SMEs to win public tenders abroad

In the framework of the Tenderio project coordinated by PEDAL Consulting, we prepared 9 strategies on how SMEs can participate and eventually win public tenders abroad. These strategies were formulated together with the IPPONPPACT and SESAM projects.

Strategy #3

In certain tenders, the quality/price ratio is (still) 60/40, motivating companies from lower income countries (Eastern and Central Europe) to apply.

Brief explanation of the tactic

The SMEs located in lower income countries can specifically search for tenders where the financial offer has a greater weight.

Real life example

In 2014, a SME from Central Europe participated in such a call (for DG CONNECT) – being able to meet the basic thresholds required in the tender specifications and was able to win the tender due to the price offer. The price it offered was lower than what the competitors were willing to do and even though it scored less in the qualitative part, the low financial offer secured them this contract. Nevertheless, the financial offer they submited was still economically advantageous for them.

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