Strategy #4 for SMEs to win public tenders abroad

In the framework of the Tenderio project coordinated by PEDAL Consulting, we prepared 9 strategies on how SMEs can participate and eventually win public tenders abroad. These strategies were formulated together with the IPPONPPACT and SESAM projects.

Strategy #4

Consortium based approach.

Brief explanation of the tactic

Before a call for tenders is published, a core group of companies which have worked successfully
with each other in the past sets up a ‘nucleus’ of the consortium. Once the tender specifications
are known, they may invite other partner(s) in order to fill in the missing competences or

Real life example

Estonian, Slovak and Portuguese companies, which have worked previously successfully on the various EU funded (Horizon 2020) projects identified relevant calls published by DG CONNECT. The time for the preparation of offers was rather short, but since they had the majority of the necessary references and documentation ready from the past collaboration, they decided to invite one more domain expert and submitted the proposal successfully within the deadline.

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