Strategy #8 for SMEs to win public tenders abroad

In the framework of the Tenderio project coordinated by PEDAL Consulting, we prepared 9 strategies on how SMEs can participate and eventually win public tenders abroad. These strategies were formulated together with the IPPONPPACT and SESAM projects.

Strategy #8

Replying to “green procurement” tenders.

Brief explanation of the tactic

The trend in public procurement is away from “price“ as the only awarding criterion. For a lot of
entrepreneurs this means a better opportunity to win the contract, because they can win the
competition thanks to high-quality and sustainable products.

Real life examples

Green public procurements demand certain ecological /environmental friendly features or effects. It is usualy proved by cerficaton of built-in / materials, components, equipment, provided by manufacturers. This is not problematic for SME’s. Problems for SME’s arise when tenderers demand international certification such as SIST

EN 45011 / ISO 65 / ISO 14001 / EMAS scheme, which are very costly and often unreachable for SMEs. In Slovenia SME’s are dealing with this problem by joint bidding with companies with appropriate certificates.
After the simplyfication of green PP system in Slovenia from April 2018, there are known cases when SME “prooved” the suitability of service and ensuring of demanded environmental effects simply by providing the “statement of accordance of service”. This is possible because the supervisory institutions do not have the capacities or practices for assessment of these statements – yet. (See also the fact sheet produced by SESAM. Available under here.)

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