This eBook analyses public procurement opportunities, rules and procedures in Serbia, with particular reference to the new legislative framework. It highlights public procurement policy, including choice of participants and award of contracts, as well as information about bidding process and Public Procurement Development Strategy. Furthermore, the book gives a review of some key explanations that bidders should also keep in mind,  in order to win public contracts. It finally notes that success in winning public procurement contracts depends on critical information and knowledge of the bidding process.

This manual is an indispensable tool for all interested in winning public procurement contracts in Serbia.

Review Notice – Readers` Favorite/Reviewed by Vernita Naylor

“As a business owner, have you ever thought about growing your business in another country? Why not create a partnership with Serbia? Slavica Joković is a Serbian Public Procurement expert that outlines the ins and outs of how businesses can grow through the procurement process. Being equipped with Winning Public Procurement Contracts In Serbia Manual by Slavica Joković is a great starting tool. This guide informs the reader about what it takes to be in partnership with the Serbian government through the procurement process, from understanding Serbian contracting and how contracts are awarded to learning about the 5% special bid preferences. Slavica Joković provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that offer detailed explanations on how to get into the game and win the bid.

With a diverse knowledge of the procurement process in the U.S., I fully understand the essence of how the procurement process works. It appears that by reading Winning Public Procurement Contracts In Serbia Manual by Slavica Joković, there are some universal ways to successfully sell your goods and services to your ideal customers – whether they are within your country or abroad. Winning Public Procurement Contracts In Serbia Manual by Slavica Joković contains everything for a business owner’s needs. Clearly every state and country has some type of procurement program where business owners can both benefit and thrive – the main objective is that if they understand the system and process of partnering, everyone wins.”

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